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WYSA Recreational Soccer Mission Statement

Our Mission at WYSA is to provide a safe, fun and educational environment for our players. 

WYSA player's break into three categories in our program:

1) U5-U8 "Pre-Travel" including players who are trying soccer out, playing for fun and those wanting to transition to Indiana Fire Academy.

2) U9-U12 "Intermediate" includes player's not ready for Indiana Fire Academy for various reason and those who simply want to continue to play in a less competitive environment. 

3) U14- U18 "Senior" including those who want to continue to play the game in a strictly recreational format.

Our goal is to provide the best experience for all 3 of these groups. 

We are dedicated to running a volunteer driven organization, providing professional resources to those volunteers in the form of coaching resources and administrative resources. 

Contact WYSA


WYSA Recreational Director

Phone: 317-500-9929

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