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Club Policies and Codes of Conduct

All WYSA participants, including players, coaches and parents/spectators, agree to abide by the club's codes of conduct when they register for the program. Copies of the codes of conduct can be viewed on the right side of this page.

We are fortunate at WYSA to have a wonderful group of participants. Yes, soccer is our favorite sport. Yes, we like to see our children win. Yes, emotions can get high during important games. Yes, referees are human and may make mistakes.


Please remember to use the proper channels of communication if you have an issue:

Referees: Contact Leigh Heck for questions about referees 

Coaches: Contact John Griffin for questions about coach behaviors.

Players: For questions about player behavior, please start with the individual coach.

Calling 911

Player safety will always be our top priority. Grand Park maintains a staff of Athletic Trainers from Methodist Sports Medicine who are on hand during games and practices to triage and treat any injuries. Our coaches receive a schedule of available Athletic Trainers and their phone numbers at the beginning of each week. While the Methodist Sports Medicine Athletic Training staff is on call for players and other participants, they are also happy to look at injured siblings or spectators on the sidelines.


If a coach or parent ever feels a 911 call is warranted, please do not hesitate to place the call. If you or another spectator are able, please take a moment to let John Mitchell know by calling 317-480-9208. This will allow our Methodist Sports Medicine Athletic Trainers to provide treatment while waiting for an ambulance and communicate promptly with the EMS dispatchers. It also notifies Grand Park staff that an ambulance is on its way, so they can direct traffic in and out of the parking lots to facilitate easy access in and out of the park.

Thank you!

Contact WYSA


WYSA Recreational Director

Phone: 317-500-9929

Policy Documents

Parent Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

Player Safety Policy

Staff and Coach Code of Conduct

Weather Policy

Please read and understand our weather policy below. We know sometimes the skies look clear and you’d like to get in some needed practice time. However, we must consistently adhere to our weather policy. Failure to do so could result in a child being injured. Anyone who intentionally disregards this policy stands to lose their coaching or playing privileges.

Grand Park is equipped with a lightning detector to help determine weather-related evacuations. If lightning is detected within 10 miles of the park, all players must evacuate the fields. The park is set up with alarms; however, these alarms might not be audible in some parts of the park. If you hear an alarm, or you are told by an IFJ or Grand Park staff member to leave the fields, you must go to your car immediately. We know that sometimes it seems counter-intuitive, especially when it is still sunny over Grand Park. But, we will always err on the side of safety. If parents are not on site, remaining players and coaches should seek shelter inside a building - waiting under an overhang does not protect you from lightning.

There also may be instances where the alarms are not sounding, but stormy weather is definitely in the area. Please use common sense. If you see lightning or hear thunder, please evacuate the fields. Do not return to the fields until you have received an “all clear” from Indiana Fire Academy or park officials, or until 30 minutes has passed since the last thunder rumble, whichever is first. We will do our best to advise parents of weather evacuations via emails and our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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