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WYSA Fields

Field locations may change from season to season, or even from week to week. Always double check before you head out to the fields.

Most of the WYSA Rec fields are located on the north end and west end of the Grand Park Sports complex. Our fields are labeled and appear bright green on the map above. If your player is in the U5-U10 age groups, park in Parking Lot E off 191st Street near Spring Mill Road. If your player is a U12, park in Parking Lot F off Spring Mill Road. U14 and 18s rotate based upon the assignment of a field each season by Grand Park. 

Remember to bookmark the schedule and check it regularly, in case we have to move the fields around!

Contact WYSA


WYSA Recreational Director

Phone: 317-500-9929

WYSA Fields

Q: Who makes the decision to close the grass soccer fields?

A: Grand Park Facility Staff. WYSA and Indiana Fire Academy have no control of this decision and it's based upon the potential damage to the fields determined by experts in turf management. 

Q: Why do we have less cancellations later in the season than earlier with the same amount of rain?

A: Playing on a saturated surface in April or August v May or October is very different given the time feilds have to recover. If we play now they will be ruined or severely compromised for the remainder of the season

Q: Why don't we have back up turf scheduled for these days?

A: The turf at GP is scheduled WAY in advance and while we do on occassion have some access to a field it's rare. This is something we would need to schedule and pay for months in advance in bulk. 

Q: Will our games or practices get rescheduled?

A: Practices probably not, games yes. Look on the online schedule for updates. 

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